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The Days of Customer Tracking Are Dead!

If you have advertised before the iOS14 update, you will remember back with a smile on the glory days of 3x-5x Return on your Ad Spend.

Now, these days are gone!

1.2x to 1.8x Return on Ad Spend is "the new norm", and all agencies and small business owners are panicking.

According to an article on Apple Insider, only 4% of your customers chose to opt-in to tracking!  

(You are only able to track less than 1 out of 10 customers!)

Poor Tracking Sends Small

Business Owners Into Poverty

This lack of tracking affects your bottom line traumatically!

Your pixels will not be able to tell social platforms who is a perfect customer, and how to find more like them.

- You are therefore shooting in blind, while your profits disappear into nothingness.

If you do not try something new and drastic to turn it around, you will  have to shut down shop, because your profits are your business' blood and oxygen.

Are you ready to go back to a full time day job, if your business dies?

Here's why PaidAdsMeta is your #1 choice to get your business thriving like never before!

Customer Journey TrueTracking®

Unlike most generic agencies out there, we are able to accurately track every move your customers make - even after the iOS14 update of Doom!

Therefore, we can save- and make you tons of money and perfectly deliver branded beautiful ads to the right person at the right time on your customers' journey to buy from you.

5x-10x Growth


This is not our first rodeo.

We have successfully scaled other apparel businesses 500%-1000% year-on-year!

If you can keep up with the orders, we can get you massive amounts of customers almost over night!

200% Return on Ad Spend 

Or It's Free

This is not our first rodeo.

We have successfully scaled other apparel businesses 500%-1000% year-on-year!

If you can keep up with the orders, we can get you massive amounts of customers almost over night!

"Hey, how about we try xyz?"

- Creative Communication 

In business, there are no hard equations.

We need to always test new things to stay on top, and keep adding valuable experiences to our customers.

When we work together, we work together!

Free Material To Guarantee Your Lifetime Growth!

As soon as you sign up to working with us, you get instant access to our exclusive Client Growth Portal.

Inside, you will find video guidance, swipe files and PDFs.

This will boost your business' backend while we are working on bringing in your customers on the frontend!

Quality Team of Absolute Rockstar People

While AI and bots are becoming smarter, nothing can beat the empathetic understanding of a human-to-human connection.

Our team consists of High IQ- and EQ people, who have access to marketing and self-development courses worth tens of thousand of dollars to improve themselves in every aspect of their life.

... And Who Doesn't Love

Results Like These?!

Why Our Clients Are Our #1 Choice!

Small UK Fashion Store Grows 

226% in Only Six Months!


We sent Lisa an email about working together in December '20 because we saw great potential in her small fashion business.

She was not sure if paid advertising would be the best option as she had been burned on another agency, and never had success in advertising her business online herself.

In the first test month we spent £1,376 and made £3,769.

Not exactly something to write home about, however this gave us incredibly valuable information about what worked - and what did not work.

In May 2021 we managed to hit their first £20,000 month spending only £4,300! (4.5x RoAS)

This fashion business has gone from mid 5-Figures per year to now being a glorious 6-Figure business within our first six months together.

Now, as we're reaching the end of 2021, the business has now seen 550% growth year-on-year.

"Working with you has completely changed our business and my life personally! Thank you so much, I am excited to work with you for years to come!"

Lisa I. / Co-Founder & Designer

Local American Streetwear Shop Breaks Out From $200k/year to Multi-Million Dollar Business!


The local Detroit streetwear business owned by a passionate Detroiter had been in business for 13 years designing unique streetwear making most sales from their brick and mortar store in the city - highly loved by their local community.

However, the business could never seem to break the $200,000/year barrier.

In January 2020 they signed up for our services, and in the first 12 months together they went from less than $200k a year to a whooping $1,300,000 in 2020!

Now on our second year together, we have already reached the multi-million dollar business level, and there's absolutely no stopping us!

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