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Social Advertising Agency 


(This is not a product / service / course - it's a wish to connect)

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Here's the idea:

  • Get 3-4 clever heads together with common goals and problems.
  • Weekly mastermind calls to solve problems and accountability.
  • Specifically for Social Advertising Agencies.

To: The 7-Figure Hungry Agency Owner

From: Laurits Christensen

Date: May 7th 2023, Kuala Lumpur

Hey, I'm Lau, happy to have you here and hope you're doing excellent!

Since 2016 I've been chipping away the online business block.

Just like you, I imagine, it's been a helluva rollercoaster with loads of ups'n'downs.

And tbh, I'm tired of grinding away trying to figure out everything on my own - I want to make it EASY to grow my advertising agency!

Over the years I've found that in various aspects of life everything gets much easier when you have people around you who are sharing the same journey as yourself.

But it's super difficult to find people like us.

(I know you're out there lurking in the shadows)

The kind of people who have crazy dreams about financial freedom through business building, working 16 hour days some days, because at the end of life the alternative - a regular 9-5 day job of doom - isn't even an option.

The problem as I see it is we only have 2 options available:

Either you'll have to pay for some lame ass 101 course to get into a Facebook group where the only person you actually wanna talk to is the creator (who is never available of course)

Or you'll have to seek out a mentor who has *kinda* done what you are trying to do, but not exactly what you are trying to do.

So I'm gonna go out on a limp here and say fuck it...

Let's do our own Mastermind!

Is this you?

→ $10k+ MRR

→ 2+ years in business

→ Want to grow to 7-figures in the next 12 months