"How I created a 'machine' that helps me create b2B relationships consistently and 100% automatically To fill my inbox with new leads Every Week who WANT & NEED what i offer."

Without Coming Across As Pushy, Salesy nor Spammy

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From "Struggling Solopreneur"
To "Freedom Business"

A letter to:
The Struggling Solopreneur

& The Tight-Spot Agency Owner

The Laptop of Laurits

[a hidden oasis in South East Asia]

Hey, what's cracking in your business these days?  Are you all good -- or is there room for improvement?

My name is Laurits Christensen, and I'd like to share some thoughts with you, reflecting back on the past couple of years.

You see, when I first started my web design business back in 2016,  my hopes were high, and I was sure I would be finally making money online (after countless of search queries on google lol).

I knew I could deliver a higher quality product than 90%+ of the competition out there - so why not me?

I wanted to travel the world, and live the "laptop lifestyle" simply checking in on sales from a beach in Thailand till the day I die.


After 9 months of wasting all my hard earned money from my day job on advertising to try and get just a few leads, I was ready to give up.

I would get sporadic "here-and-there" sales, but never enough to make a living.  

In fact, I could not even make enough to pay rent for my room.

.. Let alone pay for my dream lifestyle!


There was only one thing I hadn't tried, because it seemed to me like it was the "scammers and spammer thing" and I did not want to be associated with that.

However... I was desperate.

And how happy I am that I decided to do it, because when I used this.


Within 6 weeks of launching my new CSM Campaign I more than 13x'd my revenue! (and profit, because I was a solopreneur)

I was as happy and excited as an entrepreneur can be.

And now I'm sharing the lessons I learned, to help people who are struggling in the same situation I was in, so you can avoid all the stress, resistance and feeling of doom I went through.




For A Sec...

Only Talking to People Who Actually

NEED and WANT Your Services!

Ughh.. nothing worse than getting on the phone with a prospect who goes like "Get out of my hair already, I don't want your stupid stuff!"

Here, you'll learn to develop your own "Perfect Prospect Process" to only detect and deploy campaigns to people who are an absolutely bliss to work with!

Feeling Confident In Your Outreach

And Actually - *heavens forbid* - Having FUN With Marketing Your Services!

When you are reaching out to someone in hopes to build a relationship that will turn into new business for you, there is ONE crucial thing you need to remember:

- There's a a real-life human behind the email address.

So why do most marketers act like they need to be sending a professional monotone (and dead boring) sales pitch to a Suit of Non-Emotion?

Use humor. Stay cool. Be yourself.

Laurits Christensen on iPhone

Waking Up To New Leads Without Moving A Finger For MONTHS At A Time!

You open your eyes, get out of bed and go to the kitchen.

Coffee's almost ready, so you check your phone.

In your mail inbox, out of nowhere there are 4 new messages.

"Hey, thanks for your email!  I'm interested in hearing more!"

When you open your computer, all you have to do is reply to those delightful new connections and start connecting and exchanging value with your perfect clients.

Campaigns That Convert!

Imagine your perfect client in your mind.

What do they look like?  What is their person like?

What problem keeps them up at night that you can help them solve?

Now think about...

What if there was a way to ONLY contact

those perfect people for you?

And better yet... 

Contact 100's of those perfect people every month with your offer (which you already know they desperately need).

Wouldn't you think that they would be interested in hearing you out?

- According to polls among agency owners, cold email is still their best source of leads.

1. Perfect Prospect Detector

Where most businesses go dead wrong in their cold outreach process is using scrapers and bought lists full of random low-quality prospects.

Your Perfect Prospect Detector™ only adds high quality people and businesses that actually need you to your campaign, so your chances of converting them into clients become insanely much higher.

2. Actual Intelligence Campaigns

"Dear Sir, we are an expert company" - Doesn't cut it.

How many times have you received emails from companies that from the first 2 seconds look like it was crafted by an imbecile robot?

Your AI Campaign is written with great personality and relatable emotional "SpyHooks".

For humans. By humans.

3. Stellar Stealth Automation

Your machine is proven. Now, it works on its own.

Nothing is worse than having to do cold outreach yourself.

"Who should I reach out to?"

"When was it I promised to follow up with that guy?"

"Oh crap, I forgot I already wrote her!" 

We have your whole machine completely automated for you, so all you have to do is receive your hot leads and close them.

Perfected to detail like a Formula One team. 

“You Can't Fail To Take Away Value From This Course.”

Ian Robinson

We used to find prospects on linkedin sales navigator searching in the "retail" category

as my audience are online stores.

Problem with that is that for 10 accounts I look at, only 3-4 would be my ideal clients, and I do not have time
to go through hundreds of pages on Linkedin.

Now I got a bunch of online stores ready to be contacted. Thanks man, enjoying it a lot.

Miguel CL

eCommerce Marketing Agency

Imagine having a Magic Phone.

A phone that only brings you good news.

New notifications no longer become "uuh, no time", but rather become "Yes! I can't wait!".

Enjoy watching your inbox fill up with people who are actually really interested in talking with you, so you don't have to waste time on the nay-sayers.

Screw cold rejection. You only get hot leads.

Great stuff Laurits. Thanks for all the leads.

Could never have achieved anything like this ourselves.

Niklas Brinkmann

CEO at Fremont Digital Web Design & SEO

10 Leads



Here's my insane:

"I Want YOUR SUCCESS just as Much as you do"

- Guarantee!

If the unthinkable happens, and you do not get any leads in 90 Days!
You will be refunded 100% in full for your investment - -

- - AND you get to keep all the information!

That's right. You can not lose.

My mission is this course should easily 100x your investment

in the first year!

Alkan sent you a new voice message...

Alkan Ö.

Content Stacker


 Login. Learn. Action.

The training program is designed to easily and quickly take you through the required learning steps and implement it same day to get results as fast as possible.

No experience required.  

You can 100% do it, too.

Only $199 Today!

All orders are processed Securely By ThriveCart in partnership

with Stripe & PayPal using 256-Bit Encryption

Satisfactory "for-What-ever Reason" 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's Everything You're Getting


Easy & Quick Technical Setup

MORE than 9 of 10 who initiate their cold email journey from blogs and YouTube videos - - already fail at the setup stage.

If you're setup incorrect, your emails will instantly go to SPAM from Day 1, and you won't get leads when you're in the Junk Box of Doom.

Because setting up is so technical and terrifying, most "gurus" don't even dare go into it themselves.

Fortunately, it can be made very easy and simple!

All you have to do is follow the setup video, copy/paste a few settings and you're good to go within 24 hours!*

*may vary depending on server stuff


Perfect Prospect Detector

Where others teach you how to blast template emails at thousands of random people daily - completely out of control ??!?!....

Here you will learn how to FOCUS ONLY ON PERFECT PEOPLE you want to work with and know you can help.

This is arguably the most valuable part of the course, because if you get your Perfect Prospect Detector down, it's very difficult to miss your target when you're only contacting the right people.


Actual Intelligence Campaigns

Learn how to write Actual Intelligence Campaigns that don't sound like they come from an imbecile robot, but from rather from a real person that cares about the receiver.

[secret tip: it doesn't have to impersonal to be automated ?]


Stellar Stealth Automation

Finally, it's here!

People have been waiting, raving and asking for this exact module!

"Stellar Stealth Automation" takes your whole B2B Outreach Machine and turns into a 100% automated lead generator!


Members' Exclusive Q&A Sessions

You will inevitably run into weird new situations that you have not had to deal with before.

Have all your questions answered in details -- custom to you!


Facebook Group Access

Get instant access to the secret CSM Members Only group on Facebook to share experiences and get support.


Frequently Answered Questions

How can you guarantee leads?

Technically, we can't guarantee that you get leads in your inbox.

We can only guarantee that if you don't you are eligible for a 100% refund!

The reason we guarantee leads, is because we've never seen 0 leads for a client nor student who took appropriate action.

Do you guarantee sales?

We do our best to get you leads that are almost as good as a sale, however it is up to you and/or your team to seal the deal.

So because the sale is out of our hands, we can not guarantee it.

If sales is not your "forté" we do have resources for you that could help you sell more and at a higher price!

How long does it take to see results?

It usually takes around 7-14 days before you start seeing results from initiating your first CSM Campaign.

Will it make my brand look like SPAM?

Because email is such a powerful tool for reaching people, it is being used by "dark forces" which has given email a bad reputation.

The cool thing about the way we do it is that we create your campaign in a personal manner that people love you for.

In fact, business owners will most often thank you for reaching out and compliment your approach!

Am I a good fit?

If you sell online services i.e. Web Design, PPC marketing, SEO or Animated Explainer Videos chances are you're a good fit!

These are services the Cold Sales Machine program have successfully generated leads and sales for in the past.

Are there any hidden costs?

Yes, there are "hidden costs" in order to maximize your results with minimal investment of time.

You are recommended two 3rd-party subscriptions to help you setup correctly and automate your outreach (one of the subscriptions is essential) which comes out to about $50-$70/month [non-affiliate = real recommendation].

It is possible for you to use this course with only the essential 3rd-party subscription ($6/month), though it will slow your progress.



Results are not typical, and surely anyone who claims they are, are either deceiving or desperate.

This program can only give you the knowledge and assets that have worked before - for us, our clients and our students.

We can and will not promise you will get results, because results come from hard work, trial and error.

Your success depends exclusively on your own efforts.

We can only do our best to help you do your best.

Because this program has a great track record, we are confident in doing a money back guarantee in case you do not get results despite your hard efforts.

... Please do your best, because we do our best to help you.

Only $199!

All orders are processed Securely By ThriveCart in partnership

with Stripe & PayPal using 256-Bit Encryption

Satisfactory "for-What-ever Reason" 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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