How To Create A Powerful Lead Magnet For Your Coaching Business In Less Than 30 Minutes!

Lead magnets and building your email list is a funny thing…

You probably already heard it plenty of times;

“You must build an email list if you want to gain control of your marketing!”

All right cool that’s great – but how???

That’s what we are going to look into today!

Why use a Lead Magnet?

It is used to get your target market make a low-barrier-commitment to your business, so you can start building a relationship with them in your backend system. (well… Your email campaign)

To get someone who has never heard about you before to give you their email address rather than their credit card details is way way easier than having them commit to a purchase.

What does a Lead Magnet look like?

There are a huuuuuge selection of lead magnet types to choose from!

Since marketers need to provide their target market with a different and more exciting experience than their competitors, the way we get people onto our lists has evolved into truly amazing content for our users.

Here’s a list of the most common:



Training Video
Free Consultation

Examples of Awesome Lead Magnets

Marie Forleo Lead Magnet Screenshot
Leader in Wealth- & Relation Coaching, Marie Forleo, offers a free audio training to collect emails.
Tony Robbins Lead Magnet Screenshot
The greatest, Tony Robbins, uses an assessment (AKA ‘Quiz’) lead magnet

How To Create Your Own Awesome Lead Magnet!

All right, so now you know what makes a good lead magnet, and why you should use one (or multiple!) to grow your coaching business.

Now you want to create your own lead magnet, so you can build a freakin’ waitlist of new clients for your coaching business!

1) You already have content

If you have already created content for a while – such as blog posts, videos, podcasts – go ahead and find your BEST PERFORMING piece of content.

Here’s how to determine which is the best performing:
Most Shares > Most Comments > Most Likes > Most Views

So start with the one that has most shares, if no shares; then comments if no comments… etc.

The reason you want to find the best performing one, is because it is obviously the one people resonates most with.

Therefore, it will be much easier (and cheaper!) for you to get new leads.

2) You don’t have any content

Fear not! This is a small obstacle.

What you want to do is go on Google and search for experts in your industry.

Go to their websites, put in your name and email so you can get their lead magnets and start analyzing.

(Around 10 lead magnets should do for this competitor analysis)

Now, make a sheet with a table of 3 columns:

Column 1: Type
What kind of lead magnet?

Column 2: Length
How many minutes or pages?

Column 3: Value
What big result does the lead magnet promise?

When you have analyzed this data for 10 competitors, you should have a pretty darn good idea about what kind of lead magnet you should do.

If you don’t have time to design and make your own lead magnet, you can always get someone else to do it on

Why Your Paid Course Is Better Than Free Stuff

“People will never buy my course, when pretty much all I know is already available on YouTube and blogs…”

If you are currently thinking in these terms – you’re about to have your mind blown, señor(ita)!

You see…

While YouTube, Blogs, Facebook Groups and other free platforms are rocketing out of the stadium with millions of hours of free content everyday, they are still lacking something very important you have got!


1. Results

Contrary to the random info people throw around on YouTube, your end-goal with your course is to get your customer a highly desired result after completion.

Whether you promise to teach them how to find the calling of their life or how to jump a skipping rope – just the mere fact that you are busting your ass off to get them results should be worth the price of the course in itself!


2. Structure

Hopefully, you have sequenced the content of your course in a way that takes the customer through a step-by-step process, which makes it as easy and convenient as possible to achieve the results you promise.


3. Convenience

Everything’s taken care of. Your course includes everything valuable the customer must know and have, and doesn’t let anything left for imagination (read: extra work!)

You have put a lot of efforts into saving your customers as much time as possible, and that is extremely valuable compared to the DIY-half-ass free courses.


4. Motivation & Accountability

Most (and the best) course creators make sure their audience doesn’t fall behind.

You are a leader, which means you keep pushing your customers, so they won’t fall behind and skip over to binge watching House of Cards rather than actually keeping up with what you are teaching them.


5. YOU!

The most valuable piece of the puzzle no-one in the whole world can replicate or sell for peanuts – is you!

You have a very unique energy and person that resonates with people way differently than your “freebie-competition”.

You know something others don’t.

You have experience others have not.

You deliver in a way others can’t.

Therefore, you are the one who destroys the free content.


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