Meet Laurits

From Worst Student to Freedom Business.

After (barely) graduating Business College in 2011, with the notorious glorious title of

"Highest Absence Rate", Laurits immediately after set out for a more fulfilled life of freedom, fun and adventures.

Making his way to Asia, conquering secret spots of The Great Wall of China and being served over-the-top delicious foods by robots in Japan, there was only one thought reverberating in his Bad-Student-Skull:

- - - "Holy crap... this is what I want to do every day  of my life."  

It wasn't long -- however -- before Laurits was forced back into a day job.

After working a regular day job for 4 years, he realized his

ONE PRECIOUS LIFE would be cleverly designed by society's evil standards to fit the "Bullet List Life of Doom":

  • Wake up.
  • Go to work 60% of the day.
  • Do grocery shopping.
  • Eat.
  • Watch TV.
  • Go to Sleep.
  • Repeat for the next 40 years until retirement and die shortly after having lived a life of slaving away for someone else's dreams and resenting everything...

All you need is a great product that helps your "A1 Customers"  solve their problems.

With almost 10 years sales experience "on the floor" in a small town local business, it came natural

to sell products online also.

I remember my first product I sold online.

It was an almost magical back-stretching device that had helped me with my own back problems.

So I tracked down the supplier, established the connection and was ready to go in business!

Put up a (really ugly) website that clearly demonstrated how it had helped me and started running ads to the site.

Sure enough, a few days later the first *kaching* notification popped up on my phone.

I had just made my first online sale.

It was only $30 or something like that but *switched* when those $30 hit my account.

There was something different inside me. 

One pattern had broken, and a new immersed. 

There was absolutely no turning back to the "Bullet Point List Life of Doom" now!

Since then, I have helped myself and countless of others build and scale profitable online businesses.


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Marketing Campaigns


Businesses & Brands Served

Helping Where it Matters...

"I help small and medium online businesses grow their business online with digital marketing campaigns."

Through courses, consulting and done-for-you services I help you grow your business in three different ways:

Offer, Marketing & Automation.

These are the most important pillars to run an online business that makes you happy, and funds a lifestyle where you are excited about your work and your life.

Irresistible Offer Creation

If you have a great product that truly serves people and solve their problems, you can turn that product into a value bomb of an offer to maximize results for your customers and clients, while profiting higher.

Customer Obsessed Marketing

Attention, Interest, Desire & Action.

The most famous marketing formula in history "AIDA", is key to finding and converting your best customers.

It does however lack one key element in modern marketing to convert the 97% of your audience who won't buy right away.

Automation & Optimization

Running a business is no fun if you have to do everything yourself.

It is ESSENTIAL that you automate the process of acquiring and delivering to customers while optimizing the processes.

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