Do you also want to


- for every  Apparel Business Owner Referral?

Do you know a Fashion / Apparel Business Owner?

Then here's the easiest monthly passive income you'll ever make!

First, let's introduce real quick...

Hey! I'm Laurits from Denmark, but you can call me Lau.

I've been running a boutique Social Advertising agency
(A1 Marketing) with my team for a little over 2 years now.

I'm looking for other agency owners to boost each others' businesses through mutual referrals.

You and I both know this is the best way to generate easy sales, because of the trust already built!

(Screenshot shows results from one account, not total across clients)

Your Clients/Friends & Your Reputation

Are In GREAT Hands!

When you refer your clients/friends to us, it's important to me that you feel you are doing them a favour, so they will love you even more!

We have a solid track record of more than $3,000,000 generated with an average return of around 2.5x across accounts.

Our Ultimate Goal Together

My hope is we can refer each other clients, make some extra monthly passive profit and we can deliver amazing results to the clients we refer each other!

I also hope for a partnership, which is not "quick-buck-based", but will continue for years to come as we help each other grow and prosper our businesses!

What'd ya say?

This could be us. Laughing all the way to the bank.


Step 1

You refer us your client(s)/friend(s) who owns fashion and apparel ecommerce businesses and are ready to scale with paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

Step 2

We will schedule a call with them, and based on how the conversation goes we will seal the deal and complete onboarding them within 3 business days.

Step 3

Within 2-3 business days of us receiving payment for our services, you will receive your first $500 transferred to your bank account.


The best part?  

You will receive $500 for every single payment made in the future!

Who Should You Refer?

I would hate for you to waste time referring the wrong people resulting in you getting no referral-mullah.

We close around 70% of ecommerce owners nailing these criteria! ? 

Fashion / Apparel eCommerce

We have created most success for ecommerce businesses selling fashion and other clothing products, so we want to keep our focus on this area.

$5,000+ /Month 

Marketing Budget

We are all about scaling businesses from 5- to 6-figures and 6- to 7-figures.

Your client/friend must have some marketing cash ready to invest in order to scale with us.

US / CA / UK / AUS

We get the best results for businesses located in and/or selling to customers in:


The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom & Australia


Yearly Revenue

It is important our clients' businesses are already validated and loved by their customers.

We do not help new businesses, because we can help established businesses so much better!

50%+ Profit Margin

Because paid advertising requires investing dollars and cents into acquiring new customers, it is important the profit margin of the products allow us to do so.

With a profit margin of 50% or more on average, we can keep our clients profitable while scaling massively!

"Give-Back Mentality"

Animal-admiring, nature-nurturing, eco-embracing and people-passionate businesses are our jam!

We love making money for businesses, especially those who use the money to change the impact shopping has on the world for the better ❤️   


Who Do You Know 

Who Fits The Profile?

Just 10 minutes of thinking could mean an extra $500/month of passive income

The Perfect Offer

Here's our offer details you can use to convince your referral we are their best choice!

- 14-Days Free Trial to Prove Profitability

- Minimum 2x Return on Ad Spend Guaranteed

- Weekly and/or Monthly Reporting

- Daily performance monitoring

- Daily optimization

- No minimum contract

- No hidden fees

Starting from $2500

Only $995/month!

All clients who sign up in 2021 get $1500 off their monthly fee until March 2022!

Why the big fat price chop-off?

I want to make this deal as easy as possible for you to sell and for clients to say yes to.

Our clients start paying us between $2500-$5000 per month as soon as they start seeing the results we get them depending on their ad spend respectively.

By lowering the bar-of-entry, I hope we can establish a great relationship with our new incoming clients you refer us, so we can show with numbers we are a freaking great choice!

I know we will get them massive results that will have them want to pay us more in the future, so the price chop is an investment on my end.

The most important thing is they stay with us, so you keep making your recurring $500 month in and month out, and we get to establish our relationship with the client.


Case studies

Small UK Fashion Store Grows 500% In 10 Months!


We sent Lisa an email about working together in December '20 because we saw great potential in her small fashion business.

She was not sure if paid advertising would be the best option as she had been burned on another agency, and never had success in using paid advertising for her business online herself.

In the first test month we spent £1,376 and made £3,769.

Not exactly something to write home about, however this gave us incredibly valuable information about what worked - and what did not work.

In May 2021 we managed to hit their first £20,000 month spending only £4,300! (4.5x RoAS)

This fashion business has gone from mid 5-Figures per year to now being a glorious Multi-6-Figure business within our first year together.

"Laurits, working with you and Maryia has completely changed our business and my life personally! Thank you so much, I am excited to work with you for years to come!" - Lisa I.

Local American Streetwear Business Breaks Out From Low-6-Figures to Multi-Million Dollar Business


The local Detroit streetwear business owned by a passionate Detroiter had been in business for 13 years designing unique streetwear making most sales from their brick and mortar store in the city - highly loved by their local community.

However, the business could never seem to break the $200,000/year barrier.

In January 2020 they signed up for A1 Marketing, and in the first 12 months together they went from less than $200k a year to a whooping $1,300,000 in 2020!

Now on our second year together, we have already turned them into a multi-million dollar business, and there's absolutely no stopping us!

Questions & Answers

How and when do I get paid for my referrals?

We charge our clients every 1st of the month.

It takes about 5-7 business days for us to receive the payment.

You get paid 2-3 business days after we receive the amount.

This means you can expect to get paid every 8th-10th of the month.

What happens if my referral(s) cancel?

Obviously, we can not pay you if we are not making money.

Therefore, should the client referred from you decide to cancel our services, we will have to stop your payment as well.

We ask the clients to cancel 14 days prior to next billing period, and you will get notified within 1-3 business days after we receive the cancellation notification.

How many clients can I refer to you?

We can currently handle 15 clients at a time.

However, we are working on expanding our team, so we can handle even more.

Other than that, there is no limit to how many you can refer to us, and you will get paid $500/month for every client you refer!

Please contact us via WhatsApp or Email for accurate capacity.

Will you refer clients to me?

Absolutely!  This referral partnership is a 2-way street.

We work with some high-end clients, who are always looking to scale their businesses even further.

While we are damn good at Facebook & Instagram advertising, we have no clue how to serve our clients on:

- Social Media Management (organic marketing)


- Google Ads / Google Shopping

- YouTube Ads

- TikTok Ads

So if you provide any of these services, we'd be delighted to refer our clients back to you!